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Burglars and Thieves profile

Burglars and Thieves are a class of enemy agent, tasked with arriving on your island and stealing any valuable items they come across; namely, loot items and gold from your Strongroom.

Gameplay observations Edit

Burglars and Thieves will arrive on your island when your activities on the world map have generated a moderate amount of heat, and come in four grades: Pathetic, Poor, Good and Exceptional.

The grade of the Burglar seems to determine how long they hang around on the island for and how many items they are willing to steal. While Pathetic Burglars will only steal one or two items before trying to make a run for it, Exceptional Burglars will be more daring. Good and Exceptional Burglars will attack armed Military Minions on sight.

Burglars will also double as Investigators, and will take photos of body bags and other incriminating heat generating items around the base.