A lovely sweet lady with a sour secret...


The Matron









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Ability 1

Motherly Love

Ability 2

Electro-Shock Treatment


For the majority of her life, Elsa was a kindly, well-disposed old dear, living a sedate life as a matron in a small Swiss mental institute, and lovingly restoring her patients to sanity. An unfortunate mix-up in the drugs cabinet one day led to Elsa swallowing some experimental psychosis treatment drugs instead of aspirin, and the effect on her personality was quite...shocking. Elsa's preferred curative method ceased to be restorative walks in the garden and quiet reading, and instead became electro-shock treatment, administered for as long as was possible without blowing the fuses.

Elsa lost her right hand to gangrene after a vicious bite from a convulsive patient, but even this setback could not derail her psychotic ambitions. With a prosthetic hand, Elsa found she could operate the electro-shock machine all day, whereas before she had to stop when the arthritis in her fingers flared up. Elsa's sadistic torturing was only uncovered when the Swiss electricity board decided to investigate just why a small village in the mountains was consuming more juice than Zurich. Elsa was subsequently captured and placed under house arrest.

It's helpful to note that only her "Electro-Shock Treatment" ability has any range and this is limited at best. "Motherly Love" is a friendly buff for other henchmen.

Trivia Edit

Even though the Matron is described as living in Switzerland, the marker on the map is located in western Sweden.

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