Minion technician
A technician minion.
Type: Science
Base Health: 30
Obtained From: Repairman
Preceded By: Construction Worker
Succeeded By: Scientist
World Map Ability: Shortens time of Acts of Infamy (-10 seconds)
Stealing: 2 (Terrible)
Plotting: 4 (Fair)
Heat Generated: 3
Base Death Chance: 35
Carries Weapon? No

Technicians are the most basic Science Minions.


These minions are the only ones that are able to fix items in your base, like Security Doors or worn out Generators.

The Repairman is required to train your first technician. The hostage Acts of Infamy can be found in the Pacific Islands and North China. Technicians use a Laboratory Worktop to train in the Training Room.

Technicians, like any other science minion, can also undertake research once a Laboratory is been put up, but are slow at doing it. They are also better at plotting and uncovering Acts of Infamy on the World Map screen. They will also shorten the duration of Acts of Infamy.

Technicians are weak in combat. They will only attack enemy characters when the base is set to red alert.

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