Soldiers and Veterans are a class of enemy characters in Evil Genius, sent to your base in numbers to kill your minions, destroy important and vital objects and if given the chance, to kill the Evil Genius.

Gameplay observations Edit

Soldiers, like other Agent classes, from each of the factions, come in four grades: Pathetic, Poor, Good and Exceptional.

Soldiers tend to arrive on the island in groups of between 2 and 6; though they often arrive in groups of four or more. The number of soldiers that arrive on your island will depend on how much heat has been generated on the world map.

Pathetic and Poor soldiers tend to only attack when attacked, and will attack armed military minions on sight. Good solders will attack Construction Workers and any Military Minions on sight, regardless of whether they are armed or not. Exceptional soldiers will attack Social Minions on sight, in addition to Military Minions and Construction Workers.

Interestingly, even Exceptional soldiers will leave Science Minions be, unless if the base is set to red alert and they are attacked first. If Objective 7 has been completed, Soldiers from the different defense alliances will attack each other on sight.

All grades of soldiers from Poor and up will also behave like Sobatours and Infiltrators, and if given the chance, will set charges on vital base structures such as the Power Generator and blow them up.