Saboteurs infiltrators 1

Saboteur and Infiltrator profile

Saboteurs and Infiltrators are a class of enemy agents that are sent to your base for the express purpose of destroying vital items.

Gameplay observations Edit

They will arrive on the island in groups of anywhere between 1 and 4, though they are usually solitary or arrive in pairs and like other agent types, come in four grades: Pathetic, Poor, Good and Exceptional. They will start appearing when heat generated on the world map reaches a moderate amount.

Good and Exceptional Saboteurs and Infiltrators may attack armed Military Minions on sight, and if Objective 7 has been completed, will also find themselves targeted on sight by Soldiers from rival factions.

Interestingly, S.A.B.R.E. Saboteurs will arrive armed with the same assault rifles their Soldiers are armed with, instead of their usual harpoon guns. This does not seem to affect their overall behavour, however, though it makes them more efficient in combat.

Female Saboteurs and Infiltrators seem to lack the ability to set charges, which is most likely a bug in the game.