Take Over the World is the final objective in the game.

Overview Edit

The world leaders merely laughed in your face when you issued your ultimatum. The time to assemble the rocket is now. The player must prepare for launch, but the Forces of Justice currently mobilize on your base to stop you from taking over the world. These agents must be kept at bay until the rocket is complete. The Evil Genius will not be stopped, no matter what.

Objectives Edit

It's time to take over the world. Assemble the rocket while defending against intruders, then launch it.

  • Assemble the rocket in preparation for launch. This is a long process, and the forces of justice aren't going to stand idly by while you do it. Keep the agents at bay until the rocket is ready for launch.
  • Launch the Doomsday Device and revel in the catastrophic effects of your dastardly deeds.