Evil Ultimatum is the ninth objective in the game.

Overview Edit

You have completed the rocket superstructure that holds the Doomsday Device that will be used to bring the world to its knees. All that remains is to test fire the rocket engines before the official launch, and build a global communications network that will allow you to issue your ultimatum.


Test fire the rocket engines, and arrange a video-conference with world leaders to issue your demands.

  • Build a launch button on the cavern catwalk, then make your Evil Genius interact with it to start the rocket engine test. Firing the engines is a dangerous process - if you run out of minions in the rocket cavern, the test must be started again. Providing multiple entrances to the cavern will make it easier for your minions to enter it. Fire the engines for an unbroken minute to proceed.
  • Construct a global communications network by building 5 transmitter aerials outside and a TV studio in the inner sanctum. When the rocket engine test has been successfully completed, make your Evil Genius interact with the inner sanctum TV studio to issue your ultimatum to the world.