Road to Doomsday is a storyline objective in the game.

Overview Edit

You have purchased a bigger and better island to set up your second base to complete your plan to take over the world, with the preparation of choosing your Doomsday Device, which will be constructed in the hollow caverns inside the mountain.


Choose a Doomsday Device and prepare for its construction. You must build a laboratory to accomplish this goal.

  • Once a laboratory has been built, the Codex of Knowledge can be stolen from a Siberian research lab. Analyze the Codex, then combine it with a top-tier item of laboratory apparatus to unlock one of three potential Doomsday Devices.
  • The Codex of Knowledge is beyond the comprehension of your science minions. Persuade a mercenary scientist to come to the island and unlock the Codex's potential. Each world alliance has a disaffected scientist who can be approached.
  • The mercenary scientist has had a change of heart, and is trying to escape the island to defect back to the forces of justice. Kill him!
  • Research the Codex of Knowledge with one of the top-tier items of laboratory apparatus to choose the Doomsday Device payload that will be used to bring the world to its knees!
  • Build the rocket cavern in preparation for the Doomsday Device construction.