Objective 5 - Masterplan Machination is a storyline objective in the game, appearing alongside Objective 4 - Loot and Pillage.

Overview Edit

This set of objectives involves conceiving of a master plan to build a Doomsday Device, by raising your notoriety and acquiring three pieces of vital information for the doomsday device that you will use to conquer the world. After accomplishing these tasks, the Evil Genius is ready to purchase and move to a more suitable island base.


You'll need a master plan before you can build a Doomsday Device and take over the world.

  • Reach the Notoriety rank of "Insane (200)".
  • There are three embryonic ideas for Doomsday Devices, but each needs three pieces of vital information before it can be pursued any further. The information can be found in many ways. It could be hidden in a region on the World Domination map, or captured as a reward for completing an Act of Infamy, or even held by an enemy agent invading your very base!


  • There's a bug that allows you to move to the second island before obtaining all 9 pieces.
    Make sure you obtain all 9 pieces before moving to the second island, otherwise you won't be able to build certain Laboratory equipment!