Objective 4 - Loot and Pillage is a storyline objective in the game, appearing along with Objective 5 - Masterplan Machination.

Overview Edit

This objective requires the player to steal valuable loot objects to adorn your lair, and increase your cash flow to acquire better resources and get a better island, by which to breed further evil schemes.


Raise enough assets in money and uber-loot to open doors in the corridors of power, and to purchase a new island if the need should arise.

  • Steal 4 of the 6 pieces of uber-loot strewn across the globe. Each alliance has at least one item of uber-loot in one of its regions.
  • Now that you have possession of the most important artifacts in the world, some serious cash flow is needed to further cement your organization as a true world power. Generate at least $10,000 per minute through world domination theft activity for 5 minutes, while still holding onto the required number of loot pieces.