Evil genius meeting
Head of the Underworld is the second storyline mission of the game.

Overview Edit

Now that your base is up and running, you need to consolidate your power. To make sure that your Evil Genius is the one mastermind who rules at the top of the underworld, he must gather together all the major crime lords from around the world and make them fall in line.


There can be only one criminal mastermind. Time to make sure that it's you. Gather all the major criminal players to a conference in your island, to explain how it's going to be...

  • Crime Lords, just like Evil Geniuses, are impressed by shows of wealth. You need somewhere suitably ostentatious to host this gathering of criminal masterminds. Build an Inner Sanctum and Conference Table in preparation for this nefarious delegation.
  • Rumor has it that all of Indian Subcontinent is controlled by one man - Armand Krishnan. He has many nefarious plots and intrigues, mostly concerning corruption of local government officials. Track him down and encourage him to come to bend to our way of thinking.
  • Marvin de Luca the nefarious Mafia don of all North America is a powerful man, but with too much hubris. He must be made to respect true power and authority.
  • The inscrutable Lei Ying Lo is the undisputed head of organized crime across China and Southeast Asia. Track him down and send out a party to show him we mean business.
  • Nikita Leonov, the notorious butcher of St. Petersburg has arrived here on your very island, but he is refusing to acknowledge your authority. A good battering in the Mess Hall Counter's Big Mixing Bowl should bring him round to your way of thinking.
  • Nigel Ewing, the CIA agent, has since gone rogue and is now the ruler of all criminal activities on the African continent. He was last seen cruising off down the Nile with a vast shipment of arms and a veritable army of loyal tribesmen. He won't be easy to find and makes a point of only seeing seriously connected Criminals. If you aren't notorious enough, you'll never find him!
  • Bob 'Barking' Caine, the respected organized crime boss from the East End of London is the last of the major crime bosses. He isn't going down without a fight, reports indicate that fighters loyal to his cause will be landing on our shores very shortly. We must show him who is boss, crush his men and bring him to heel!