Evil Intentions is the first storyline mission in the game.

Overview Edit

This leads the player into the basics of building your base rooms, using the World Domination Screen, training advanced minions through interrogation, and fighting off low-level agents.


At the beginning of the game, the player's Evil Genius gets acquainted with the island and the player starts expanding the lair. The objectives to complete this story mission are as follows:

  • Ensure a healthy minion force by building a Barracks. You'll need at least one Bunk Bed and Locker.
  • Before you can send minions around the world to carry out Acts of Infamy, you need to construct a Control Room to help filter information. Make sure you have at least one Control Console and one Memory Bank.
  • It seems you are under scrutiny even before you begin. Somewhere on the island are some pesky investigators, tipped off of your arrival. Eliminate them!
  • Reports indicate that trained civilians are holidaying on the island. Capture and imprison a maid in a security holding cell.
  • The civilian maid could yield useful information to your men. Interrogate her to train up an advanced minion.

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