Evil Genius




Research bonus (Unimplemented)


medium area, medium recharge



Execution style

Gunshot to head

Maximilan is one of the three characters the player must choose as his Evil Genius.


Short, bad tempered and utterly insane. He is a fabulously wealthy industrialist. His ambition is to control the world through advanced research and technological supremacy.

Maximilian is most likely the easiest Evil Genius to start with.


Raised in rural Austria by foster parents, Maximilian did not have the happiest of childhoods. Already the bully’s favourite because of his stockiness and squint; the young Maximilan became even more isolated from his peers when he developed chronic stress-related alopecia (hair loss) after a weekend-long ritual beating from his foster father, incurred for the crime of looking at him askew.

Such early setbacks might have deterred lesser men, but it only made Maximilian stronger, and he went on to found an extremely lucrative empire, fuelled by a desire to prove his worth to the world. Yet even his riches, Maximilian found himself rejected by his friends and beautiful women he thought he could buy. Spurned once more, he turned to misanthropy, and began to plot his revenge. If he could not make the world like him, he would have to make the world fear him…


Maximilian’s industrialist background gives him a strong interest in scientific research. If you select Maximilian to be your Evil Genius, you will be promised a reduction to any cash incentive payment used while doing research. His starting Henchman is Jubei and his aura of influence is average-sized, with average recovery capabilities.

Finally, his execution method is a handgun. Maximilian calls the minion over, and then puts a bullet into the minion’s head. Execution of a minion boosts nearby minion’s stats by 5.


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