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Jubei is a Henchman character in the game.

Overview Edit

Jubei was born into a life of servitude, working at a prestigious Tokyo dojo he longed to emulate the young scions who attended the school. He admired their graceful combat from afar as he swept the floors. Desperate to prove himself, Jubei began to train alone. After he had finished his cleaning duties at the dojo, Jubei's broom swept through an altogether more deadly dance. He quickly discovered that he was a natural and was accepted into the dojo as a proper student. Everything went smoothly for Jubei for the first few years, until the time came for him to finish his novice training and progress to the more advanced levels. He was summoned before the dojo council, and told that although he was skilled in combat, he did not have the inner harmony to continue at the dojo. Incensed by this scandalous slur on his character, Jubei unsheathed his katana and proceeded to strike down the entire council. Pausing only to reflect that they might have had a point, Jubei fled the dojo to seek his fortune as a rogue ronin.

Game Information Edit

Jubei is the starting henchman for Maximilian.

His primary weapon is a sword, which is used with deadly efficiency. His first special move "eviscerate" does a large amount of damage with his sword, and his blade has an orange glow when it is being performed. It is interesting to note that while Jubei can use the capture command, he still hits people with the blade of his sword, but this time causing the green glow of the target that shows capture instead of the red glow which shows damage.

His second ability "windwalk" is very useful as it allows Jubei to teleport anywhere on the island, taking no more time than half a second for the animation to play through. This enables players to quickly and easily reach an important target (super agent,burglar etc') or a vital defense point (your avatar, control room etc').

Like some other henchmen, he has a bias against a particular task. In this case, Jubei will not retrieve any enemies that have been killed or knocked out by someone that isn't him.

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