Minion guard
A guard minion.




Fair (4)


Terrible (1)


Good (30)

Heat Generated:

4 points

Trains into:


Trained from:

Construction Worker

Guards are the first level of Military Minions.

Overview Edit

Guards are trained in combat and vital to defending your base from direct attacks. They have more health and endurance than construction workers. With the ability to wield stronger weapons (assault rifles) than workers, they are more adept at defending your base.

Guards can help out staffing rooms when they are not currently engaged in battle. They only arm themselves during a yellow or red alert and fight against intruders. They are also useful when trying to get money for your island.

World Map Skills Edit

  • Plotting- Terrible
  • Stealing- Fair
  • Endurance-Good

Can help defend other minions during Acts of Infamy in progress.

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