Henchmen eli barracuda
The hard hitting, fast talking gansta!


Eli Barracuda









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Ability 1

Super Head Shot

Ability 2

Ghetto Posse

Eli Barracuda is the initial henchman for Alexis. He is an excellent initial henchman because his attacks are ranged, so he can chase down enemies better than someone with a melee attack.



Eli was born in a New York slum where larceny and murder were as common as really big hair. For a child growing up in this justice black hole, there were only two potential career choices: cadaver or ghetto bad-ass. Eli chose the latter. His career of intimidation and extortion began at school, where Eli ran a protection racket. He knew he was going to be something special in the underworld when, aged just nine, he had the headmaster pleading for his legs to be left intact after a missed payment.

Eli quickly became the uncontested local crime lord, ruling his den of iniquity with an iron fist, unleashing vengeance against those who would oppose him with his trademark silver revolver. Eli's criminal empire expanded with alacrity, and within a few years Eli was in unofficial control of New York City, pulling the strings on his puppet mayor, and shaping policies to suit his nefarious activities. One fateful day, the mayor spilled coffee on Eli's prized cream suit; Eli blew his top, and then proceeded to blow the top off the mayor. Even Eli couldn't cover this up, and soon his criminal organization was exposed and under federal investigation. Rueing his own hot-headedness, Eli retreated into the underworld, to wait for a new evil opportunity to arise.

Military Guard / Mercenary / Marksman / Martial Artist
Science Technician / Scientist / Quantum Physicist / Biochemist
Social Valet / Spindoctor / Diplomat / Playboy
Other Construction Worker / Personal Bodyguards / Freaks
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