The Beehive trap is one that when activated will send an angry swarm of bees at the unfortunate person who stepped on the sensor.

Overview Edit

The beehive trap is a box which opens when someone trips the sensor to which it is linked. Once opened a swarm of bees attacks the nearest target within range of approximately 5 tiles. Bees do not discriminate friend from foe, so keep minions away from the beehives. Bees can drain the victim’s stats completely unless he manages to outrun them, which leads to the bees attacking the next nearest target.

Like the Gas Cage trap, there are 5 different kinds of beehives, each attacking a different stat.

Although bees cannot detect potential targets through walls or doors, it has been reported by players that they may partially swarm through a door and even attack the stats of people unfortunate enough to be standing on the other side.

All beehives are found through Research.