Evil Genius




More loyal minions


large area, slow recharge


Eli Barracuda

Execution style


Alexis is one of three possible choices for your Evil Genius character.


Elegant and beautiful, you are the adorable, multi-millionaire heiress - your beautiful countenance commands the utmost respect and loyalty from those who are fortunate enough to be chosen to be your minions.


When Alexis’s father died, bequeathing his multi-million dollar fortune and media empire to her; it would have been easy for her to conform to the tradition young heiress template, frittering the money away on wining, dining, and generally living the high life. Despite being spoiled rotten, however, Alexis was also highly motivated and intelligent with a sharp awareness of the way the world works. Her hard work and piercing intelligence saw her take the helm of her father’s media empire with aplomb, and global revenues soon quadrupled under her shrewd leadership.

However, Alexis was not without her vices. Years of being daddy’s little princess gave her a colossal ego and need for constant adoration. After a brief few years of contentment, the sycophantic praise she received from the lackeys in her company was no longer enough. Seeking a wider audience to worship her, she moved in front of the cameras and soon became America’s darling, gaining widespread acclaim for her television and movie roles. All too soon, the glamour faded. Alexis wanted more: more adulation, more wealth, more power. Alexis wanted the world.

Abilities Edit

Her beautiful appearance and background in media allows her to command unswerving devotion from her followers. Thus, Alexis has the largest circle of influence, and her minions' loyalty drain rate is much slower. If you choose Alexis, your starting Henchman is Eli Barracuda.

Her execution method is burning. Alexis ignites the minion with her cigarette, causing him to burst into flames. Execution of a minion boosts nearby minion’s stats by 10.

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